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Why boxing makes sense to me

Keeping focus on what's real

To think about it, boxing doesn't make sense. Who would put themselves in a small square space, with people watching, stricken with fear of the unknown capabilities of the other person in the ring who wants to hurt you. Think about it, does that sound like something you'd be into? Well for me that sounds more appealing than running up hill or doing the god-awful Grouse Grind in North Vancouver, BC. When you train to be a 'boxer' the thought of knowing that someone else, who is training just like you, will be trying to hurt you never crosses your mind. The sting, pain and bruising of being hit never was a deterrent for me, I CRAVED IT! One thing about us boxers is we never think, "oh that person is going to hurt me really bad", we think "we will punch them, hit them hard, and do our best to win!" Simple concept for a very intricate sport that has long been called the "sweet science". Call me a "scientist" because I have spent many years being a student, always learning - even today as I coach recreational, intermediate and professional boxers - I continue to be a student of this sport and forever will be.

The benefits of boxing include, but are not limited to, defined arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, increased cardio vascularity, increased reactionary skills... I could go on there are just that many! What makes sense to me about boxing is what it teaches you not only on the inside of the ring but outside of it. There are many things I have learned from being in the ring that I have taken with me outside of it; I have learned that no matter what happens in life, just like the ring, you got to pick yourself up move forward and always give it your best.

Whether you want to give boxing a try for the first time in a recreational class or put your hands up in your first boxing match, it will always make sense, after all we are the ones who have chosen to do so.

If you want to try boxing come and try out my classes at North Burnaby Boxing Club or at Our TurF, because boxing just makes sense

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